Raccoon City’s Spec Ops DLC Trailer, More Content Detailed...

Raccoon City’s Spec Ops DLC Trailer, More Content Detailed

Despite receiving the cold shoulder critically, Slant Six’s take on the Resident Evil universe, Operation Raccoon City, has been holding its own commercially and winning over a slew of fans.  Of the many complaints I can muster at this game, the campaign’s speedy run time is a bigger gripe, especially given the fact that nowhere in the narrative are we introduced to the varied personalities that make up the opposing Spec Ops force – otherwise known as the good guys.

In what’s planned as seven downloadable chapters that you can either take on solo or co-op, the Spec Ops team takes center stage as you guide them through a B Scenario of events where you’ll spend time meeting and helping different series’ heroes in their quest to survive Raccoon City going to shit.  The above trailer already depicts cameos from the likes of Jill Valentine and Sherry Birkin, two characters downplayed (or missing) from the U.S.S.’s humdrum story.

The first previously announced mission hits your PSN and XBLA marketplace on April 10th for free, the following six paid-for DLC missions will start to be released sometime after that.  Additionally, four new versus maps will be made available for purchase, but truly, more co-op is what I want out of this game.  Plus a more involving story.  I couldn’t get behind my squad of leather bandaged mercenaries no matter how many one-liners fell out of their mouths.  The Spec Ops team holds promise yet as we’ve only briefly met them in the versus modes. RE’s a plump property to play with and there’s still time for Slant Six to win over detractors with this DLC (and, you know, several dozen patches).

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