“You don’t seek the truth or save the world. Deadlight is about...

“You don’t seek the truth or save the world.  Deadlight is about Randall’s feelings and his desires, his problems. Everything that we take for granted now, like crossing the street, in Deadlight is a true challenge.”

 - Raul Rubio, CEO and creative director of Tequila Works, speaking to Joystiq.

I’m hard pressed to name any side-scrolling survival horror games.  Probably because they don’t exist, but that’s precisely what makes Deadlight so intriguing.  In the Joystiq article, Rubio name drops literary influences including a near-and-dear classic of mine, Cell by Stephen King.

It’d be naive to argue that a grand scope couldn’t mesh within the confines of a side-scroller after having the sensational titles Braid and Limbo hit digital distribution not too long ago.  While our big budget blockblusters continue to shirk imagination for the sake of sales, it’s downright pleasing to see the little guys pick up the slack on the downloadable front.

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