What the Hell Happened to Silent Hill: Book of Memories? Long...

What the Hell Happened to Silent Hill: Book of Memories?

Long story short?  Konami happened to Book of Memories.  Longer story follows:

Yet another delay rocks the gaming world, this time on a smaller scale – a handheld scale to be exact.  The PS Vita title was meant to do two things: usher in multiplayer into the strictly solo player franchise and come out in March.  Sadly, the game half failed, ruining the three pack of Hill’s Konami planned for that month.  Book of Memories very quietly slipped into a placeholder date of May 31st with little fanfare and even less surprise given the amount of smoothing the other two March releases could’ve used.

Now, WayForward Technologies’ (they’re pretty badass at small sized titles, check their resume) apparently canonical spinoff has once again shied away from it’s release slate, the first indications coming from Amazon’s new placeholder date of October 31st.  When pressed, Konami found the strength to comment on the game’s status, confirming an October release (maybe) but denying a solid day to expect it out.

WayForward’s pretty busy themselves; with a Double Dragon downloadable remake and an Adventure Time DS game in the works, one has to wonder how focused the development team is on bringing us miniature scares to the Vita.  Likewise, it’s also worth pondering if the frighteningly bad reception the last couple of Silent Hill’s received is causing Konami to delay the title, for fear of disappointing the survival horror masses yet again.

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