Video Games on TV of the Day - Dino Crisis (1999,...

Video Games on TV of the Day - Dino Crisis (1999, PS1/Dreamcast/PC/PSN)

This TV spot for Capcom’s Resident Evil-meets-Jurassic Park horror game comes from a time when it was relevant to take pot shots at Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.  Little did they know that there’d be a future when all Turok had to do to debase its reputation is be played.

Really watching this, though, I think this commercial retroactively pitched a way to get the Dino Crisis series back on its hind legs again: dinosaur apocalypse.  Jumpin’ Christ, that idea’s so good my brain is wincing in pain.  That idea sells itself so many times over that I’m getting rich just thinking about it.  Dinosaur apocalypse.  Good lord, the words even taste sweet.

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