The rumor mill is in full motion surrounding the third...

The rumor mill is in full motion surrounding the third installment of Capcom’s Dead Rising series with minor details brought to light.

Rumblings suggest that Dead Rising 3 will have a change of scenery, this time trapping players in a chaotic Californian town sectioned off by the government thanks to a pesky zombie outbreak inconveniently killing folks left and right.

Controlling a mechanic named Rick (no, I guess Capcom doesn’t know what The Walking Dead is), you set about on a quest to build the perfect getaway plane while improving your knack for creatively macabre, DIY dismemberment along the way.  Dead Rising 3 also intends to tackle themes of illegal immigration (specifically, a cadre of still living infected that are dodging government registration) and the old Capcom standby: corporate conspiracy.

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