The Revelations Script...


Was apparently written by Dai Sato, the guy who penned Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell and Samurai Champloo’s scripts.  Based on those anime, I’m of the opinion that this story is going to be pretty damn good.  :)  Not only that, but Sato’s apparently a longtime fan of RE.  :D

Hope he gets the canon right! (I’m sure he will.)  And more Chris and Jill moments, plz?

Source: Here.

Resident Evil suckered me into a Gamecube and now it’s suckering me into a 3DS.  Check-fucking-mate, Nintendo and/or Capcom.  If they end up porting Revelations to home consoles after I drop half a payday on the 3D handheld, someone besides my bank account is getting a swift, hearty kick to the danglies.

Peep out Mr. Sato’s extensive line of work here.

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