The Next Dead Space Going the Way of FPS? Visceral Games is...

The Next Dead Space Going the Way of FPS?

Visceral Games is hiring and instead of lobbying for a designer with plenty of third-person horror experience, the Dead Space studio is looking for a multiplayer level designer disciplined in the FPS genre.  While it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the studio has something besides the necromorph slaughter-fest in mind with their help wanted ad, a recent bid, however, for an environmental artist to work specifically on the Dead Space franchise is signal enough that cogs are turning in favor of a sequel.

Or, perhaps, an FPS spin-off before we see Dead Space 3.  It’s hard to imagine Visceral reshaping the franchise’s mold within the third installment instead of pushing on with the gameplay set in the last two.  But a spin-off makes sense.  Dead Space is Visceral’s lynchpin title and branching out a la Resident Evil is a sure-fire way to generate even more fans.  I just can’t help but picture any sort of FPS take on Dead Space strongly riffing off of Doom.  And that sounds comforting, oddly enough.

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