“The customers aren’t happy. And there are going to be customers...

“The customers aren’t happy. And there are going to be customers that just aren’t happy unless they can just get shit for free and it’s like, you know what, sorry. It’s a business. What are you going to do? But I do think some of them who are complaining about pricing, we should listen. It’s at our peril that we ignore that part of the conversation. We can disagree with their solution while still fully embracing the emotional component, which is that they feel that they’re getting the shaft more often than they should, which really should be never.”

David Jaffe, renown game designer and co-founder of Eat Sleep Play, on the price points of retail games.  $60 is a stiffly sobering price of admission to face, and especially when you take into consideration money pilfering shenanigans the likes of day one DLC or, worse yet, withheld content, many gamers are reflecting the sentiment that they are indeed getting the shaft.

I know I’m only stoking the sequelitis flame, but my dollar tends to lean on established franchises before I gamble it away on new IP’s – whether or not a developer believes their work justifies the price, $60 dollars blown on something I’m unsatisfied with will always be an expensive regret in my book.

Where does your opinion fall as a consumer?  Do you feel the games you buy are worth sixty bones?  Say that the $60 tag is invariable (which it is), what can a developer offer or change that would justify the price for you?

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