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Kojima Only Serving in a Supporting Role on Enders Project...

Kojima Only Serving in a Supporting Role on Enders Project

Anticipation is swelling over the newly announced Zone of the Enders sequel, but swept under the current of fangasms is the fact that famed game designer Hideo Kojima, who worked extensively on the first two entries into the mecha series, is taking a backseat on the third game, leaving development duties such as scripting, direction, and both game and level design to his Kojima Productions staff.

Due to his commitment to the mysterious Project Ogre, Kojima specified his role would limit him to producer status on Enders, and that his biggest contribution would be overall direction and pre-production planning.  Hideo has commented in the past that this is exactly the amount of input he wanted to have on future titles, reasoning that pouring years of his life into a single project had become  horribly draining.  Hideo wanted to take this approach during Metal Gear Solid 4 before his team egged him onto a more hands-on capacity, so perhaps we’ll see his meddling despite himself when it comes to Enders Project (if someone’s willing to duct tape him to a computer).

As for the newborn Enders Project, what direction might it be taking?  Kojima assures fans Z.O.E. definitely won’t feel any different but the artistic style may end up being a far cry away from the first two games’ Japanimation vibe in favor of a more “global, high-end” styling (i.e. marketable outside Japan).  Kojima says the team isn’t striving for photorealism (even though their Fox Engine could probably handle it) but they are rendering models like the one seen above into the game, which may be indicative of the style shift.

Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PS3/PSV/360 - Autumn 2012)...

Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PS3/PSV/360 - Autumn 2012)

Despite having owned both titles in this obscure series, my memories of blasting through their run-times is fuzzy at best.  Many days past, after my PS2 began dressing itself in dust, the game cycled out of my collection.  That’s why I’m glad Konami decided to re-cash-in on the franchise as I now get to fill in the gaps in my gameplay memory and witness those sweet, sweet particle effects in HD.

Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid HD bundle was tastefully manufactured, giving me hope that we’ll see an encore in quality when Zone of the Enders returns to a console near you.  Lord knows I could use a palette wash after the butchery Silent Hill underwent when the HD process was hastily administered.  Sometimes when you strive for HD beauty, things can get downright ugly.

Kojima Outs New Zone of the Enders Game While the HD bundling of...

Kojima Outs New Zone of the Enders Game

While the HD bundling of the original two PS2 games is still incoming (pegged for October in Japan), Kojima and team decided to the let the public in on some very exciting plans at a recent gathering held for the HD Collection.

Hideo revealed that he intends on sequelizing the long dormant mech-shooter, except now with the help of the Fox Engine.  Referred to as the Enders Project, the game features a new Orbital Frame (pictured) in an ancient backdrop.  Despite this, the title is still meant as a followup to The 2nd Runner (called Anubis: Zone of the Enders in Japan).

I’m excited, you’re excited, we all have boners for Enders Project.  But check yourself, the game designer admits his studio is still weighing the feasibility of a sequel, asserting that this display of concept is in no way a confirmation the game is happening.  Let me reiterate that: Buy Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

Jehuty by Eduardo Varela

Jehuty by Eduardo Varela