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Now Streaming Black Ops III

The dreaded weekend players are out and about, and Treyarch just opened the floodgates by allowing everyone to jump on the Black Ops III Beta.

Witness the pain, hosted by yours truly, at!

Red Herb Plays: Dying LightDon’t drink and go zombie...

Red Herb Plays: Dying Light

Don’t drink and go zombie slaughtering. Or do. I’m not here to run your life.

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THE RED HERB PLAYS: Motherfuckin’ Resident Evil Remastered Turbo...

THE RED HERB PLAYS: Motherfuckin’ Resident Evil Remastered Turbo HD Tournament Edition

My new partner in tank-controlled crime, Se_Bash, and I dust off the Gamecube classic redid for the next-gen era. In this first installment of what’s sure to be a 6,000 video series, we talk over each like we’re in M*A*S*H* The Movie and feed a dear friend to a gigantic snake like he were Jon Voight in Anaconda.


Final boss is like a fleshy Transformer. A Flesh-former. A...

Final boss is like a fleshy Transformer. A Flesh-former. A Trans-flesher. Whatever the hell you want to call him, a few QTE’s and a heaping dose of lunacy later , consider him toast… Flesh toast.

Anywho, The Evil Withinhas been conquered, making this my last video of a game I was once anxious to part sight with. But… it got better in the last few chapters, showing me the kind of game it could have...

Major Improvements to Sharing and Streaming Coming to the PS4...

Major Improvements to Sharing and Streaming Coming to the PS4

Power to the people! Or, rather, power to the players! Wait, shit, that’s Gamestop’s slogan, isn’t it? They’re gonna be up my ass if I use that and they’ve already sued me the one time… Whatever, moving on. Point is, thanks to the PlayStation Nation’s feedback – as in your feedback – some pretty serious improvements are hitting the PS4’s Share functionality.

Coming soon via a patch, the PlayStation blog reports that a new video editor will be added that’ll let you “personalize your video clips” through use of a simple tool. Better yet, the update allows you to export screenshots and gameplay clips to a USB drive. Just hit share, choose your device, and you’re ready to rock. Hopefully this means we’ll have more avenues to share content than just Facebook.

Those who have been wishing for an alternative to capturing and streaming gameplay than the built-in Twitch/Ustream suite will be pleased as hell to learn that this very same update includes an “HDCP off” option, finally allowing gameplay capture via HDMI. The blog also promises even more unannounced features are being worked into this patch.

Sometime after that patch, Sony is planning yet another system software update that’ll integrate the ability to archive Twitch broadcasts. No more going live and having your sessions disappear into the ether. Additionally, Sony is looking to enhance streaming resolution to 720p. PC-less and capture device, uh, -less, I’m most excited by these upgrades (commence shameless plug: follow The Red Herb on Twitch!).

More info on these updates are said to follow in the weeks to come.