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Twisted Metal by Ryan Vogler

Twisted Metal is Getting the Silver Screen Treatment Half of the...

Twisted Metal is Getting the Silver Screen Treatment

Half of the creative wildstorm behind Class-A cinema benchmarks Crank and Crank: High Voltage, and also the recent Nicholas Cage love frenzy Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance, is handling double-duty by writing and directing a Twisted Metal flick for Sony Pictures.

Mr. Brian Taylor (having been surgically separated from fellow filmmaker in crime and collaborator Mark Neveldine) is following the basic lore laid down by the games; there will be a tournament that pits munition-firing cars against each other, a central figure by the name of Calypso runs the show (taking special interest in pushing people’s limits), and contestants are fighting to the death to be granted any wish their twisted hearts desire.

Brian Taylor – especially when paired with his partner – has a tendency to not only go over-the-top but to go over the goddamn stratosphere.  Every effort from the filmmaker to date relishes in untamed, undiluted action which is fine, hell, perfect for Twisted Metal.  But Taylor and co. always seem to steamroll past a threshold of tastelessness that can’t even be mistaken for clever.  I’m all for a Twisted Metal movie being dumb fun, but what’s the point if it’s just dumb? 

Explosions, Scrap Metal, and, uh, Marilyn Manson in Twisted...

Explosions,  Scrap Metal, and, uh, Marilyn Manson in Twisted Metal’s Launch Trailer

You didn’t forget what today is, did you?  Oh, man, you’re girlfriend’s going to be so pissed if she finds out you failed to score her a copy of Twisted Metal for the PS3.

The word on the burning, debris ridden street is that this reboot-quel is, for better or worse, classic Twisted Metalincarnate. That includes...

Video Games on TV of the Day - Twisted Metal 2: World Tour (PS1)...

Video Games on TV of the Day - Twisted Metal 2: World Tour (PS1)

Nothing’s better at making your ride look inadequate than a car that can solve highway gridlock with a goddamn nuclear salvo.

Given the triumphant return of Twisted Metal next week and the unusual departureof the game’s creative mastermind, David Jaffe, from developer Eat Sleep Play, it’s time to pay respects to both creator and...

Twisted Metal Demo Impressions: A Relic in Next-Gen Disguise

It’s been years since I’ve found myself playing a Twisted Metal game, my last dive into the vehicular combat series being the PS2’s golden child Black.  Before that era, if you had Sony’s magical gray system in your possession, you were sure to have a Twisted Metal in your library (probably the second game, you classy bastard).