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Red Herb Review - The Last of Us


There are games and then there are experiences.  With Naughty Dog’s recent step up in pedigree through its widely acclaimed Uncharted trilogy, I went into The Last of Us expecting quality, of course, but I came out the other side of its campaign unquestionably floored.

I really hadn’t anticipated to have my very emotions put through the ringer like this.  Over the course of about ten hours, I went on a grueling, thoughtful, gorgeous, and almost tough to swallow adventure that echoed the sentiments of countless apocalyptic literature and film so effectively that, often, it transcends the works it set out to pay respects to.

Let’s cut the pretense and get down to brass tacks.  The Last of Us is not just the best game to come out of Naughty Dog’s doors, and it’s not just the best exclusive title the PlayStation 3 has ever housed.  And it’s not just the best original IP of the year (which it is, even with more than half a year left of 2013).  No, no, that’s too small of scale to view this rarity of a game on.  Believe you me, my next words are not ones I loose unto the world lightly nor often:

The Last of Us is easily one of the best video games ever made.

The Last Hope by Stanley Lau