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Silent Hill: Book of Memories Demo Arriving for Vita Next Week...

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Demo Arriving for Vita Next Week

Whisked away from the critical flops that were Silent Hill’s HD Collection and the full-fledged sequel Downpour, Wayforward Technologies’ portable Book of Memories is finally seeing release on October 16th.

Exclusively designed for the PS Vita, Book of Memories infuses multiplayer – something not even its console counterparts have dared try – into a dugeon-crawling RPG that has masked itself in the skin of a survival horror game.  You’d think such a cocktail would come across as disjointed as one of Silent Hill’s hapless abominations, but early impressions paint Book of Memories in a positive light (and thank the Old Ones for that; the Vita could use more meat on its library’s bones).

Come this Tuesday, North American Vita fans will be able to download a demo for the game, finally giving Hill fans a hands-on with 2012’s last entry into the franchise.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Fogged with Delay Despite Vita...

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Fogged with Delay

Despite Vita owners anticipating the multiplayer scare-fest for their handhelds on March 27th – what some call tomorrow – a new (likely placeholder) date, May 31st, has emerged on Gamefly and Amazon’s listings for the game that suggest the title has been pushed.

Developed by WayForward Technologies (responsible for that superb Metroid-vania Aliens game you didn’t play and the side-scrolling Bloodrayne sequel that you may have), was slated to complete this months Silent Hill themed trinity of releases started with Downpour and the HD Collection.  So far, those titles have been met by fans and critics alike with a mixed bag of embrace and venomous rejection all at once.  If Book of Memories fell short in the slightest, Konami might be playing it close to the chest on this Vita spinoff for fear of vitriol.

The publisher has made no official announcement regarding the delay, but if you go to your favorite game retailer tomorrow and don’t leave with a copy of BoM, you’ll know that the Old Gods have intervened.

UPDATE: Konami confirmed the delay, asking fans to be patient for more info.

March Houses Three Trips to Hell As Konami Announces Silent Hill Release Dates

Earlier in the week, Konami promised ETA’s for all three Silent Hill games planned for 2012 and they’ve made good.  I figured the publisher would’ve wanted to spread their best-selling horror franchise out among the proceeding months, but they seem to think cramming all three titles into one month is acceptable.  Goddamn them for knowing what I want.

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