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Will Capcom Announce a Dino Crisis Reboot This Year? This old...

Will Capcom Announce a Dino Crisis Reboot This Year?

This old rumor kicks up every so often. Historically, it’s amounted to nothing. In fact, Capcom smacked down one such rumor just last year, stating that they’re focusing their attention on creating new IP’s (this statement was presumably made in front of a gigantic Street Fighter IV AE Turbo Ultimate Mix poster).

Here’s 2014’s obligatory rumor: According to the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK, Capcom is headlong into production on a Dino Crisis reboot – a series thought extinct since 2003. What’s more is we’ll supposedly see a world debut at this year’s E3. Those slim details are all we have to go on, but Europe’s journalists have been running with it.

Given past disappointments, I’d keep your hopes grounded. There’s really not much to go on here. Why report it, you ask? Because I, and the rest of the free world that grew up in Spielberg’s CG dinosaur populated ‘90’s, really frickin’ want a new Dino Crisis game.

Again, tether those hopes, but I do happen to recall Capcom mentioning they would be reviving a classic IP this year… Dammit, my hopes got off the ground. Excuse me; I have to go shoot them down.

Strider Releases This Month Double Helix and Capcom’s...

Strider Releases This Month

Double Helix and Capcom’s downloadable reboot of Strider, the classic tale of a man and his violent hatred of things that stop him from moving on one side of the screen to the other, comes out this February.

PS3 and PS4 users can find Mr. Hiryu on PSN Feb. 18th, while both Xbox versions (current-gen and next-gen) as well as the PC release can be purchased Feb. 19th. The retro revival will cost you $14.99.

Two new modes make the cut, too, including “Beacon Run” – where you’ll make speed runs across levels while dicing foes – and “Survival Mode” – in which waves of enemies barrel your way as you utilize an assortment of weapons and items to end them.

More than that, it’s been revealed that you can locate alternate costumes throughout the game, giving you access to new customization options. You’re morbidly peeling these clothes off of dead Striders, but the cost of fashion has always been high.

Resident Evil Rebooted? Series producer and consistent Capcom...

Resident Evil Rebooted?

Series producer and consistent Capcom cohort, Masachika Kawata, believes it time to reevaluate the Resident Evil franchise as a whole, and some of his musings include restarting the seventeen-year-old series from scratch, effectively rebooting it.

“It would still be Resident Evil,” says Kawata, and though he admits fans’ connections to veteran characters like Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are what makes the games work for some on a personal level, “We wouldn’t lose the essential nature of what makes it a good game just by changing the characters.”

You catch that, too?  I believe Mr. Kawata just subtlety hinted some fan favorite characters wouldn’t make the cut in this proposed reboot.  Before your blood rises to a boil, though, the elements Masachika says would be included just may be the fear-soaked booster shot of grueling terror missing from the games since Resi 4 traded in its scares for bullets back in 2005, kickstarting a much maligned industry trend in which survival horror titles would reconfigure their formulas to fit into the action-shooter genre.

“Moving forward,” said Kawata, “I can see us focusing even more on the horror aspect and fear in the series, and see us making something scarier than we have already.”

Kawata is adamant this reboot notion of his isn’t a direct response to the poor critical reception Resident Evil 6 garnered from media and the gaming public alike.  RE6 – for as much as I’m willing to forgive it (which is a lot) – at its barest boils down to a shooter playing dress-up as a horror game.  While reactions to the sixth installment is mixed (“mixed” being the kind term; “polarizing” hitting it closer to home), the general consensus is that it simply didn’t deliver on the trademark scares which cemented the classic Resident Evil entries into gamers’ minds so many years ago.

Whatever served as the catalyst (we’ll just call it “RE6’s Sales” for posterity’s sake), it would seem old school fans have the most to gain from Capcom’s scrutinizing of one of their most beloved – and most profitable – franchises.  Do you find yourself craving for a return to the days when opening an unlocked door sent a disquieting pang of anxiety through your gut?  Do miss it when combat was an exercise in controling the waves of panic surging through you because a wasted bullet was one bullet not staving off the dreaded, mocking “YOU DIED” screen?  Well, then, I’ll leave you with a ray of hope:

“It’s undeniable to say the series returning to its roots is important,” said Kawata, “And those roots are horror.”

Sources: IGN, Eurogamer

Sensible sales tip: younger and hotter will never, ever fail you....

Sensible sales tip: younger and hotter will never, ever fail you.

How’s about a demo, Ninja Theory? Prove your Dante. He’s starting...

How’s about a demo, Ninja Theory?  Prove your Dante.  He’s starting to look badass, yes, but a demo could push a mess of hesitant (though curious) DMC fans right your way.