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The Rumor Mill Points to Early September Reveal for “PS4 Neo”Sony...

The Rumor Mill Points to Early September Reveal for “PS4 Neo”

Sony has already gone on the record the week before E3, confirming the existence of a higher-end PlayStation 4 unit decked out with 4K support and more powerful specs. But the buck stopped there when it came to official details on the impending console called “Neo.”

According to reports from both Vice Gaming and Gameblog, however, we’re less than a month away from an unveiling. Rather than getting an information lowdown at next month’s Tokyo Game Show as some have expected – Sony’s domestic home of Japan, if you needed reminding, dad – the company is said to be hosting an announcement event in New York City on September 7th.

The upgraded PS4′s potential specs have been some of the very first rumors tossed about the internet. Purportedly equipped with an improved GPU, higher clock speed, and boosted memory bandwidth, this PS4K is Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s dream rendition of the console (”MORE POWER!”). With PlayStation VR ready to drop onto consumers’ heads this Fall, the required framerate and stability needed to foster a non-projectile vomiting environment would call for a hardware improvement exactly like the Neo – makes one wonder if we’ll see a Neo/PSVR bundle announced at the event.

How it stacks up against Microsoft’s own souped up version of their Xbox One, Project Scorpio, is to be determined. With Sony seemingly hitting the market first, many have speculated the Scorpio will be more powerful than the Neo. If the date holds true, we’ve only a month to keep slinging speculation into the ether.

PS4 Screenshots Not Uploading?Don’t suffer that shit like I did....

PS4 Screenshots Not Uploading?

Don’t suffer that shit like I did. Granted, I thought a bug in an update stripped me of my ability to share screenshots and the like to Twitter, so I waited until, hopefully, Sony would resolve the issue.

But my ‘Sit Back and Do Nothing’ procedure incurred no change. Turns out, it’s no bug. It’s just an overstuffed backlog of notifications.

If you, too, aren’t able to upload your brilliant snapshots and videos, here’s your first line of action:

1. Go to Notifications from the Dashboard

2. Scroll down to Uploads

3. Press the ‘Options’ button on your controller and manually delete all of those notifications clogging up your console.

The hell if I know why this works or why letting the notifications go unmaintained prevents you from using the Upload feature altogether (maybe it is a bug). But hope it helps you folks up there that haven’t been able to inundate your friends’ Facebook feeds with Fatality screenshots. Your aunt needs to witness a spunky blonde girl pistol whip a man’s jaw off.

Our First Black Ops III Trailer is Chillingly Good I know, it’s...

Our First Black Ops III Trailer is Chillingly Good

I know, it’s increasingly difficult to get excited about Call of Duty. It’s something akin to tax season – an obligatory wallet dump that comes every year ‘bout near the same time. But Black Opsis the most successful, and entertaining, offshoot this series has mustered. And good goddamn is this trailer effective. Still feel invisible spiders...

Happy birthday, PlayStation 4! It seems like only yesterday I was...

Happy birthday, PlayStation 4! It seems like only yesterday I was pulling you from your swanky box and watching you update for hours on end.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the vast caverns of time I’ve spent with my PS4 instead of, say, doing something productive.

All right, nice. Here’s to many more hours of shutting out the world around me!

Xbox One Price Dropped by $50 for the Holidays Ah, yes. Time to...

Xbox One Price Dropped by $50 for the Holidays

Ah, yes. Time to dust off that floating Xbone pic – the Big X has got some news.

Beginning next week and running all the way to January 3rd of 2015, you can snag a brand new Xbox One starting at $350. Now, that’s the price on the core model sans the Kinect. But fear not, purveyors of motion technology/accidentally broadcasting yourself nude. Every Xbox One bundle is getting $50 knocked off the price tag.

The offer is only good at participating retailers, but honestly, throw a dart and you’ll hit a store hosting the deal. Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, Target, Microsoft’s own Apple-a-like stores; even the brick n’ mortar-less Amazon is offering the deal.

The price drop, temporary as it may be, isn’t very surprising. The PlayStation 4, having taken advantage of Microsoft’s serious missteps even before next-gen’s launch last November, is killing it. Undercutting the PS4’s already attractive price – not just matching it – may be Microsoft’s best hope at filling homes with Xbox One’s.

The higher ground will be lost, however, if Sony announces a similar pricing initiative, but given the goodwill already earned for the console, we’re unlikely to see a massive upset this Holiday.