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Red Herb Review: The Top 10 Games of 2012

imageRumor – the invisible force said to actually power the internet – has it that this console generation is coming to a close.  If this truly is the last year of this triumphant generation, a generation that began as any other (with pretty graphics and prettier promises) but evolved into a full blown fusion of home media and dedicated gaming, then it’s all the more important to reflect on the virtual adventures 2012 gave us.

We laughed, we cried, we cried even harder trying to slog through Halo 4 on Legendary…2012 was the culmination of six years of advancement, where devs’ were past their growing pains fumbling with new technology and knew how to fully utilize the tools at their disposal.   2012 was a year in which we reaped the benefits tenfold through the sheer amount of excellent games rapid-fired onto store shelves (or, more realistically, Steam shelves.  Yeah.  Steam shelves).

Max Payne 3 by Patrick Brown

Just pummeled through the story campaign on this bad boy....

Just pummeled through the story campaign on this bad boy.  Detailed impressions are soon to follow, of course, but I can safely say this is one of my favorite video game experiences yet this year.  The tale Rockstar weaves is darkly engaging, uncomfortably current, and utterly brutal.  This old school shooter in modern day clothing satisfied the hell out of my trigger finger in a way no other shooter has been able to muster in quite some time.

Check out Max Payne 3, thanks for listening, and sorry for pulling you away from Diablo, folks.

“Time Moves Forward, and Nothing Changes” - New Max Payne 3...

Time Moves Forward, and Nothing Changes” - New Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer

“He’s just a pretty cool character, who has acted out his vengeance in a way that most people would want to if they were faced with the situations life’s put him through. He’s a bit like Charles Bronson in Death Wish – these situations pull Max in; it’s not something he goes looking for.”

James McCaffrey, the man behind...

‘After the Fall’ Comic Releases, Going into What Makes Max Payne...

‘After the Fall’ Comic Releases, Going into What Makes Max Payne a Living Noir Film

Co-written by Remedy’s Sam Lake (whose studio created and handled the first two Payne entries) and also scribed by Rockstar’s own penman Dan Houser, this three part comic series ties into next week’s triumphant return of New York’s perpetually miserable crime sweeper in Max Payne 3, as well as retelling key, bullet flying events from the first two games.  The comic also explores Max’s early years as a chain smoking toddler solving macabre playground related murders (I can only assume).

Produced in conjunction with Marvel and Rockstar, you can view the entire first hardboiled issue online or enter to win a physical print of the funny-book, as Rockstar will be relinquishing ten copies every week leading up to July 12th.