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Believe it or Not, God of War: Ascension is Multiplayer “We...

Believe it or Not, God of War: Ascension is Multiplayer

“We wouldn’t do multiplayer in God of War unless we knew we could do it right,” says Ascension’s director, Todd Papy.  That’s right, Sony Santa Monica’s latest entry into the gore-drenched epic of revenge comes with the addition of multiplayer this time around.  In the video preview, we’re specifically treated to Ascension’s...

Have Questions About Ascension? Santa Monica Studios Has Answers...

Have Questions About Ascension?  Santa Monica Studios Has Answers

The PlayStation blog has been updated with word in regards to the latest God of War outing, announced exclusively for the PS3.

Ascension’s director Todd Papy invites fans to bombard PlayStation’s Twitter account with any and all questions centered on Santa Monica’s new game.  Tag your question #godofwarascension, submit it by 3 P.M. Pacific this Friday, and then the best of your queries will be answered on the PlayStation Blog’s live stream event happening early ass in the morning, 8 A.M., April 30th.

I’ve already got a question lined up: if this is a prequel, is there a chance we’ll see a teenaged Kratos with a full, preferably blonde head of hair?

Amazon Lets Loose Our First Glimpse at God of War: Ascension...

Amazon Lets Loose Our First Glimpse at God of War: Ascension

Sony’s big reveal that they’ve been teasing for a week now be damned says Amazon.  The online retailer has (likely accidentally) leaked the fourth God of War game and has revealed the beast to be a prequel to Kratos’ saga.  God of War: Ascension depicts Kratos as a mere man, before he ever became the Ghost of Sparta in “a time where something other than rage consumed him.”

You can check out Amazon’s listing for the game, it being our only scraps to feed off of since Sony’s official announcement was beaten to the punch.  We’ll be sure to hear more tomorrow given that all the teasers point to the 19th.  Until then, set your eyes to stunned and scope out the new trailer.

I’m extremely disappointed that after viciously skewering all of Greek mythology, we’re given a prequel instead of a sequel that could’ve had Kratos maiming Norse mythology or even Biblical mythology (Kratos v. Goliath, man; it writes itself).  Still, a prequel gives us insights into the all heads Kratos cracked open before…all the rest of the heads Kratos cracked open.

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