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Ashen Ones, Rejoice! Dark Souls III Summons Its First Expansion...

Ashen Ones, Rejoice! Dark Souls III Summons Its First Expansion in October

2016′s best reason to angrily snap a controller in two – no, not Umbrella Corps – is back with its first expansion: Ashes of Ariandel.

The first of two planned DLC additions to Dark Souls III, players are tasked to explore Ariandel, a brand new area overtaken by frozen tundra and gruesome grotesqueries. Naturally, there’s new weapons and armor to attain, new magics to master, and new enemies to get repeatedly mauled by.

Ashes of Ariandel releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 25th. The expansion can be bought standalone at $14.99 or as a part of the Season Pass for $24.99. Peep the trailer below and prepare to die. You’ve got time to get your affairs in order.

A Conversation About Dark Souls III Between a Veteran and a Newbie

Hi, I’m Kevin Pape and I returned Bloodborne within 24 hours of buying it. Before that, I dropped Demon’s Souls within an hour of its disc spinning in my drive. I couldn’t wrap my brain around these games. I’ve been a gamer since my hands were big enough to fit around a controller. I’ve seen challenge. I’ve defeated empires. I dethroned kings. I punched gods in the dick. But FromSoftware’s games were another beast altogether. They felt like someone shipped the game and forget to include every difficulty beneath “Make the Pain Fucking Stop.”

But with Dark Souls III something clicked. I didn’t just beat the game; I devoured it. I felt like I learned a new language and I’ve been preaching my new tongue to potential converts ever since.

In lieu of a deeper analysis or, uh, one of my famed “Month Later Reviews,” I decided to sit down with my gaming brother in arms, Brandon “The Ashen Bro” Forman – a veteran that faced the same “Why is this fucking game hurting me?” dilemma before becoming a conquering hero – and discuss FromSoftware’s latest and greatest abuse.