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Red Herb Plays: Dying LightDon’t drink and go zombie...

Red Herb Plays: Dying Light

Don’t drink and go zombie slaughtering. Or do. I’m not here to run your life.

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Dying Light Runs All the Way to February 2015 Developer...

Dying Light Runs All the Way to February 2015

Developer Techland’s open-world, free-running survival horror, Dying Light, has suffered a delay, pushing the game’s release way the hell away to February 2015.

Having already given us a dose of zombie bashing action in Dead Island, Techland is diligent on expanding on that title’s concepts in Dying Light. Familiar to fans of that uneven but still fun game are a disaster-strewn open-world, a heavy focus on melee combat featuring DIY weaponry, and, of course, a shitload of the mortally-challenged coming at you.

However, Dying Light’s signature mechanic – the ability to seamlessly traverse your environment by scaling buildings, hopping obstacles, and other assorted parkour heroics – is exactly why Techland is taking extra time on the game’s brewing cycle.

“We believe the Natural Movement element of our game will change what you expect from the genre, and we don’t want to sacrifice any of its potential by releasing too early,” said the game’s staff on their official site. “This quality-focused thinking underlines all our development choices and we hope you share our belief that the gameplay must always come first.”

It’s probably no small feat the studio is planning to launch Dying Light on five different platforms between the current and last generations (oh, yes, friends; the current-gen is now last-gen and the next-gen is now current. Can you dig it?).

I think this one is truly, truly promising. I find myself more in support of delaying the game to get it right than I am impatient I won’t get to club some zombies with ridiculous goddamn weapons earlier. Dead Island had great ingredients, but the final, rushed dish left most with a rotten taste in their mouth. We’ll see if Techland perfected their recipe… *sigh* in 2015.

VGX Gaming Highlights

Spike’s rebooted VGA’s, now inexplicably called VGX, has come and gone, leaving a pungent trail of awkward memories and flat jokes face down on the floor.

Seemingly slapped together in twelve minutes, the formerly televised, now streamed video game awards show ran close to three uninterrupted hours in which a strikingly disinterested Joel McHale lazily mocked gaming culture and industry guests...

VG Trailer Park

The video gaming industry is a unique one, all right.  Relying on burgeoning technology, industry professionals are able to actually record short gameplay experiences from titles that haven’t even been released.

What the hell do you even call that? Before-Plays? Precognitive Product Viewings? Hands-Off Game Watchings? Unplayable View ‘Em’s? I’ll narrow it down later. In the meantime, welcome back...

VG Trailer Park

Some days I wake up, check Reddit, and say to myself, “Who put all these goddamn trailers here?"  And, thus, a new feature was born out of both necessity and an insatiable need to make it look like there’s content on this site.  Welcome to VG Trailer Park, folks.


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