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Cassandra by anndr


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pixalry: Dragon Age Inquisition - Created by Ian Wilding Part of...


Dragon Age Inquisition - Created by Ian Wilding

Part of the Dragon Age Official Art Show hosted by Geek-Art and French Paper Art Club!

Dragon Age Inquisition - Tribute by Kanthesis

"It's a F**cking Video Game!": Microsoft @ E3 2014


Somebody must have tasked Phil Spencer with two missions yesterday when he took to E3’s stage in Los Angeles: 1) Avoid showing off anything regarding, related to, or even remotely reminiscent of TV apps and 2) Slowly strangle anyone who dares utter the word “Kinect” while staring into their eyes as their soul fades from their body like a light dimming.

I say this because Phil made damn sure the only thing that took center stage besides camera-shy, stammering game developers was the games themselves. What ensued was probably one of the better conferences held by the company in quite some time – Microsoft wasn’t going to let Sony blacken their eye again like at last year’s event.

Below, I’ve collected (almost) every title named at the Xbox presser. Be sure to click on each game’s name to peep an accompanying trailer.

See, don’t I take care of you guys?

The Inquisition is Coming in October Bioware’s flame licked...

The Inquisition is Coming in October

Bioware’s flame licked fantasy jewel is back with a dragon-y vengeance, and we’ve but one season to wait out for it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be bringing on the fantasy RPG/virtual romancing action fans have come to love October 7th, 2014. While this Third Age of Dragons will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360, Inquisitionalso marks Bioware’s very first foray...