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Red Herb Review - Devil May Cry Demo Impressions

Capcom’s attempt to reboot this relatively fresh hack n’ slash franchise has been met with the harshest of resistance from day one, forcing DmC into the unenviable position of having to prove itself to longtime fans all over again while still managing to bring in a new generation of would-be demon hunters under its wing.  After having most of the year covered with an avalanche of trailers, screens, gameplay previews, and a slew of interviews with people trying to convince you the game is good and that, yes, it really is still Devil May Cry, the general masses are now privy to the one thing both detractors and supporters have been asking for all along: a demo.

Pre-order DmC to Get the “Vergil’s Downfall” Add-On for Free Oh,...

Pre-order DmC to Get the “Vergil’s Downfall” Add-On for Free

Oh, lordy.  This brings me back to when Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition released.  At a glance, it was merely a Greatest Hits re-release but, in true Capcom fashion, it had just enough extra content to coerce me into buying something I practically already owned; it let you play as the samurai sword wielding Vergil.

Six years later and DmC is offering fans the ability to play as Dante’s estranged twin once again, except you won’t have to buy the game twice this time around.  Enter “Vergil’s Downfall,” a new downloadable chapter that pits Vergil versus an army of darkness in the recesses of Hell.  Pre-ordering at either Gamestop or EB Canada will net you “Vergil’s Downfall” for the cost of free.  If the reboot-ification of Devil May Cry has you wary until you see a solid review (or until they issue a patch to make Dante’s hair constantly white, if that’s your beef), then you can purchase the add-on after the fact for $8.99 (720 MS).

DmC is still on track for a January 15th release date with “Vergil’s Downfall” being made available afterwards sometime in early 2013.  A playable DmC demo is releasing beforehand for Xbox Live and PSN on November 20th and the 21st respectively, finally giving people that adamantly hate Ninja Theory’s reboot their first chance at having an informed opinion.

Check out the “Vergil’s Downfall” Trailer hereabouts.

The Red Herb Roundup: Roundup Unknown


I’ve resurfaced from ceaselessly playing Resident Evil 6 with all limbs and most bodily functions intact if a little scarred, so I thought I’d bring you humble folks another award winning dose of the Roundup (and, yes, giving yourself awards is almost as sad as coining your own nickname – same ballpark, really).

Last week in games we laughed, we cried, and we bore witness to the internet leaking the shit out of Halo.  Just another week in this wonderful industry.  Welcome back to the Roundup.

DmC: Devil May Cry (PS3/X360 - January 15th, 2013) With the...

DmC: Devil May Cry (PS3/X360 - January 15th, 2013)

With the avalanche of quality games burying us at the end of this year, it’s important not to forget that there will be no breathing room for your quickly dissipating money once the new year rolls around.

Case in point: January’s release of DmC, the first of many from 2013’s list of Must-Own Games.  I can hardly pay attention to 2012’s Must-Own’s with events like Tokyo Game Show informing me on how exactly I’ll go broke in the future.  Seriously, Borderlands 2 is watching me over my shoulder – a disdainful, cel-shaded sneer on its face – as I write this.  I gotta get back to her (you know how she gets).

I’ll leave you with this brand new DmC trailer from TGS.  Seeing how games are marketed in other countries will do you good.  Trust me, it’ll make you worldly (or something).

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