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“This is For You, Mr. J” - Full Harley Quinn’s Revenge Trailer...

This is For You, Mr. J” - Full Harley Quinn’s Revenge Trailer

I’ve seen spoiler warnings attached to this trailer (I’d rate it a “mild” on the spoiler-sauce scale), but if you honestly haven’t beaten one of 2011’s Games of the Year and arguably the best superhero game released in the last decade, then I recommend you clear your schedule of watching YouTube videos and get on Arkham Citybefore the...

Lego Batman: Black & White

Lego Batman: Black & White

Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn’s Revenge (PC/PS3/360 - May...

Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn’s Revenge (PC/PS3/360 - May 29th)

Weeks after the citywide detention center known as ‘Arkham City’ is put out of commission, the Batman has gone missing.  Remnants of Joker’s forces are still operating out of the penitentiary slums, seemingly under the mourning Harley Quinn’s command.  Already two degrees short of sanity, Harley is even more unstable than before and, now, completely volatile.

The final chapter of Arkham City lets players control both Batman and Robin (I hope flashes of the film didn’t sear your brain), and is being made available for either $9.99 on PSN, 800 Moonbeams on XBLA, or you can pick up the Game of the Year Edition of the game which collects every piece of DLC.  If you haven’t jumped on the Arkham bandwagon yet, you are a villain, sir, and must go about changing your ways.

Batman: Arkham City GOTY DLC Roundup Includes New ‘Harley’s...

Batman: Arkham City GOTY DLC Roundup Includes New ‘Harley’s Revenge’ Expansion

Bats is finally getting the respect his property deserves with three phenomenal films and two superhero genre defining games all within the last ten years.

Last year’s heavy hitter, and one of the first blockbusters to weigh down the tail-end of 2011, is getting a Game of the Year Edition that boasts a crowded, ugly cover yelling at you to play it (above) as well as every shred of extra DLC content made for the game – including the brand new “final” chapter of Arkham City entitled 'Harley’s Revenge.’

Arkham City GOTY releases for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 29th, you can watch the trailer hereabouts, and I’m betting you Bat-fanatics that haven’t parted with your original copy of AC can expect 'Harley’s Revenge’ for individual download right around the time the re-release drops.  No one has the scoop on the new DLC’s package, but if it’s being called the “final chatper,” chances are we may see either an epilogue to the game, a tie-in to the inevitable sequel (which we’ll call Arkham Galaxy), or all of the above.

Writers Guild of America: Video Game Writing Award Nominees

As a would-be/wannabe writer, I would be remiss to not shine a spotlight (or, given that this is a blog, a flashlight) on the hard working wordsmiths behind my favorite medium.

Given that the WGA is a guild, it’s not surprising many other notable games and their writers were snubbed for nomination since you have to be certified in order to garner any recognition from the association. Hopefully...