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The Red Herb's Top 10 Games of 2013


This year’s bulb is almost out, folks. And what a goddamn year it was! If it wasn’t enough that a high profile title hit market just about every other week, 2013 also saw fit to usher in a new generation of home consoles, bringing with it a wave of innovative, game-changing releases— Nah, I’m kidding. They just ported over some shooters and racing games.

See, despite the starter pistol having gone off for the next-gen race, 2013 belonged to the current-gen. Through years of strife and growth and learning, developers were able to forge some of the best games we’ve seen in a while, leaving gamers with a slew of graceful sendoffs to a generation in its twilight. Here are my favorite games of 2013 (that I got around to playing… really important to remember that).

Assassin’s Creed IV Trailer Sets Up the Perfect Nautical Heist...

Assassin’s Creed IV Trailer Sets Up the Perfect Nautical Heist

Though the bandits of the high seas never seem to fail at capturing our imaginations – “Yo-Ho” pirates I mean; modern pirates would sooner hold youhostage than your imagination – their portrayal in pop culture as of late doesn’t quite jive with history. Somehow, heavy doses of mysticism and heavier amounts of eyeliner are what comes to...

Edward Kenway by Diana Da Costa

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Everything You Need to Know (That Matters)


With an official reveal already well and spoiled days ago, all that’s left to analyze are the finer details surrounding Ubisoft’s sixth mainline installment of Assassin’s Creed.  Settle in, there’s a lot to sift through.

Black Flag rewinds the historical clock a couple of generations before Revolutionary Times, dropping us in the middle of the Golden Age of Piracy – a period modern writers have fictionalized into the ground, portraying a romanticized but irrevocably distorted version of the truth.  Ubisoft wants to show us the era as it was; a gruff, bloody, self-enterprising corner of history in which armadas ruled the sea and pirates fought, killed, and plundered for nothing more than profit.  Tonally, Ubisoft says Black Flag is less Pirates of the Caribbean and more Sons of Anarchy.  How could I not love the sound of that?

Pulled Trailer Reveal’s ACIV: Black Flag’s Release Date Really,...

Pulled Trailer Reveal’s ACIV: Black Flag’s Release Date

Really, though, I feel like I just beat Assassin’s Creed III…Well, I’m guessing I’m going to have to adjust to that sensation about this time every year as Ubisoft elevates their blockbuster series to annual status.

With a full-on reveal of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag scheduled for Monday, practically forever from now, you can always count on the internet to open its presents early.  Not completely our fault (this time).  The official trailer for Black Flag (accidentally?) made a brief stint when it was leaked onto YouTube.  I would link you to it but Ubisoft put up the blinders post haste.

Damage done, however, as we now have a release date pegged as well as the alias of our new assassinating buccaneer.  Starring a Mr. Edward Kenway – a “devil dressed as a man” who even has the infamous Blackbeard shivering his goddamn timbers – fans will first get their hands on Black Flag October 29th; likely the new target date for future installments.

What’s more is the fact Assassin’s Creed IV will be the first entry gracing next-gen consoles along with current hardware.  If it makes it in time for the PS4’s Fall ship, Black Flag will certainly be one hell of a high profile launch title.  Once again, see you on Monday with more details.

UPDATE: See the trailer here while you can!