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Red Herb Review - Batman: Arkham Origins

“It may feel like the Basil Karlo interpretation of Arkham – giving itself away as a mere copycat when pressure is applied – but Origins is still adept at capturing that empowering sensation of being The Goddamn Batman.”

WB Promises to Deliver Justice to Arkham Origins’ Criminal...

WB Promises to Deliver Justice to Arkham Origins’ Criminal Glitches

Since the prequel’s launch one week ago, user have complained Batman: Arkham Origins is plagued by technical bugs. We’re talking a wide berth of issues too, with each platform host to unique, sometimes progress debilitating glitches.

Catastrophic framerate problems, AI lapses, falling infinitely through the game world, and complete crashes were all goof-ups Bats and I suffered since I picked up my PS3 copy last Friday. I even witnessed Batman break his One Rule when, after an interrogation, he dropped a thug into the depths of the ocean (that glitch was less frustrating and more spectacular, I hope I don’t have to say).  Xbox 360 users have reported the more heinous crime of both lost and corrupted save files.

Gotham City is a mess, and WB Games has heard your pleas for help. “We hear your frustration, we understand it, and we are here to find solutions to your issues by gathering the info you provide us, and relaying it to the dev team.”

Issues affecting every version of the game will be addressed first, including the “infinite falling” bug, glitches blocking story progression, and a fix for FreeFlow Focus not activating at its allotted rank. These fixes are planned to take hold within the week. The Xbox 360’s corrupted save issue, however, needs “a few more days” before its patch is validated and released. 

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused,” says WB Games, “and thank you all for your patience as we work to resolve the issues.”

Arkham Origins: New Trailer, Screens, and Playable Character This...

Arkham Origins: New Trailer, Screens, and Playable Character

This fine day has brought with it more than enough news for true fans of the Caped Crusader to go completely bat-shit over.

First up, a full trailer depicting an eloquent exchange of fists between Batman and hired killer Deathstroke.  Other personalities that make the cut – and Bruce’s life infinitely harder – are Deadshot, the marksmen that never misses, and Black Mask, the criminal ringleader that’s turned Gotham into a murder circus.  Gameplay doesn’t make a cameo, unfortunately, what with the whole trailer being fancy, schmancy CGI, so your eyes will have to chow down on the screens above for now.

Pre-ordering a copy of Batman: Arkham Origins scores you the inclusion of Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson as a playable character in the game’s challenge rooms.  Slade comes stocked with two of his own challenge maps and two skins.

Rounding out the rest of Origins news, let’s touch on this casting kerfuffle.  Initial reports had it that longtime Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy, would not be reprising his role in the third Arkham game.  Everyone got sad, then angry, and rightfully so.  Then, Mr. Conroy up and outs his involvement, stating he wasn’t able to talk about it beforehand, having had to wait until the new title’s reveal.  While press quickly took this to mean Conroy would be Batsy once more, Warner Bros. squashed that insinuation into the ground.

Instead, our young Dark Knight will be voiced by Roger Craig Smith, whose laid down vocals for the likes of Ezio Auditore and Chris “Boulder Punch” Redfield, and the new Joker will be played by Troy Baker – a modern voice acting veteran most recently associated as Booker Dewitt in Bioshock Infinite and Joel from The Last of Us; more fittingly, Baker was Two-Face in Arkham City.  That still leaves the matter of Kevin Conroy, his role still unannounced, but the great detective in me thinks we’ll likely hear him narrate the affair as the older, battle hardened Batman we all love and wisely fear.