Substantial Spec Ops DLC Coming to Operation Raccoon City?

The folks over at 360Achievements have stumbled across some interesting news amidst their preview of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’s single player campaign.

Already having posted an achievement list on their site before, the team was quick to notice an additional 20 achievements included with their preview copy that all point to an “Echo Six Expansion Pack."  It would appear DLC is slated for the team-based apocalyptic shooter, and this time, the good guys have a say in Raccoon.  Peruse the whole list after the break.

  • Secret Achievement - Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement - 35G
  • Rocket Socket – Kill 5 enemies with a Rocket Launcher - 15G
  • Happy Trails – Complete By the Trail of Our Dead – 20G
  • Hot Pants – Complete I Now Know Why You Cry – 20G
  • Oh Yeah!!! - Complete Nothing is as it Seems – 20G
  • Boom Worse than Bite – 13 Bomb Dogs Detonated - 30G
  • Ticket to the Gun Show – As Tweed, use C4 to open door in Foundry – 25G
  • Ladies Night – Beat an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with the 3 female characters in your party – 30G
  • Who needs Guns? - Complete an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission without killing anything with a gun – 30G
  • Bigger They Are – Complete Longest Yard – 20G
  • Leave no Dead Man Behind – Kill every zombie in the Park before leaving – 25G
  • Birth of an Abomination – Complete Root of All Evil – 20G
  • Derailed – Complete The Places We’re Meant to Die – 20G
  • Tyranical – 5 Tyrants Slain – 15G
  • Burning Inside – Kill Another Player with Crucible in a Foundry Versus Match – 15G
  • Delivery Specialist – Deliver all 5 Virus Samples for your team in Dispatch’s Biohazard Mode – 50G
  • Turret’s Syndrome – Shut Down or Destroy 5 Turrets – 20G
  • Boys Club – Beat an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with the 3 male characters in your party – 30G
  • Supernaut – 3 Super Tyrants Slain – 30G
  • Divided We Fall – Complete an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with no human player incapacitated from death or infection – 30G

Capcom has yet to announce any DLC plans but that’s barely surprising since ORC isn’t even out of the gate and into stores yet.

It’s encouraging to see developer Slant Six and their Japanese publisher already have plans to support the title well after the game’s release.  Not utilizing the prolific personalities of the Spec Ops forces would’ve been a terrible story branch to miss out on.  I’m glad the narrative is being supported as opposed to taking the easy route and only throwing us yawn-inducing costumes and maps.

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