Resistance Squashed: "We won't be making any more Resistances."

Quoted from Ted Price, Insomniac Games’ CEO.  According to Price, the PS3 exclusive trilogy ends under their tutelage as just that: a trilogy.

Despite positive critical reception, the gaming public largely ignored Resistance 3 towards the end of last year, disappointing Insomniac’s overlords at Sony and dooming the title to a price drop in order to grab whatever sales it could.

It is important to note that Insomniac’s departure from the series doesn’t exactly spell out Resistance’s death.  Being a Sony property, it’s entirely likely that a Resistance sequel, or some sort of re-branding of the series, can come about under the direction of another developer.  Although, R3’s weak sales may have closed the case on this sci-fi period piece for a while yet.

Unlike their IP, Insomniac is still chugging along.  The studio has a multiplatfrom, co-op shooter in the works called Overstrike (of which we know next to nil about).  Plus, Ted Price is teasing his studio making a bid for the social gaming world with Insomniac Click (which sounds more akin to a threatening symptom of insomnia than the next big thing in browser-based games).

Too bad about Resistance, though.  I feel the first game in the series to hit a serious stride was the third title.  It seems they finally got the formula right…only to have no one care.  Here’s a question; was 2011 over saturated with too many good games for all of them to succeed or did FPS fans actually buy into Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3’s public cock fight and therefore couldn’t be bothered with anything else?

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