Resident Evil: Revelations is said to have a lengthier script...

Resident Evil: Revelations is said to have a lengthier script than the last numbered title in the franchise, RE5.  I think this narrative thick approach and the too-smooth-to-be-handheld graphics are going to turn some heads towards the 3DS.

And for those that have embraced the little headache inducer into their pockets already, having Revelations bundled with Nintendo’s Circle Pad attachment doohickey is a sly way of scoring a sell on the contentious peripheral.  Foreseeable downside: knowing full well that the Big N is likely to release a remodeled version of the console that works the Circle Pad and extra shoulder button into the design.  Taste the air; a storm of buyer’s regret is brewing.

Of course, I’m jumping the gun.  The bundle hasn’t been announced for U.S. shores yet.  Perhaps Capcom’s a bit shy asking for more coin from consumers on top of Revelation’s $50 dollar, involuntary cringe causing price.

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