Resident Evil May Very Well Revisit the 3DS “The incredibly...

Resident Evil May Very Well Revisit the 3DS

“The incredibly positive fan reaction to Revelations has definitely given me motivation to make another 3DS RE title.  I have some ideas in mind. However, I have a lot of other projects that need to be taken care of first…

I must admit, hearing players say how much they enjoyed Revelations does kind of make me want to forget the other projects and get stuck right into making another RE game for fans to enjoy.”

Masachika Kawata, Resident Evil: Revelations’ producer, powwowing with IGN.

We’ve done it, kids.  We’ve finally lived long enough to see console quality games shrunken down for use with handhelds.  If Capcom continues to make good on great RE games for the 3DS – especially if the handheld installments carry forth the old school style Revelations revived – I’m on-board.

Now I wonder how many 3DS successes it takes for Capcom to spread the survival horror love the Vita’s way.

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