Operation Raccoon City’s Versus Modes Splayed for Your Approval...

Operation Raccoon City’s Versus Modes Splayed for Your Approval

In the last year, I’ve shied away from multiplayer offerings even in games I’ve bought (let’s not argue over the “buying half a game” conundrum).  Most of the time, multiplayer is either tacked on awkwardly in a way that doesn’t quite serve the single player package or – if we’re talking FPS territory – the multiplayer is yet another bid at Call of Duty’s market (ex. fuckin’ Resistance 3, Killzone 3, and Homefront).

But, like Left 4 Dead before it, Raccoon City was built from the ground up with multiplayer heavily in mind.  These modes appear solid and, more importantly, fun.  I’d be a bad Resident Evil fan if I didn’t flip every mode in this game upside-down and shook all the hours I can out of them.  Survivors and Heroes are pulling me their way pretty hard.

My balls quake with anticipation…There was a better way of putting that, but not a more honest way.

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