Ong-Bak Pummels into Gaming Oh, yes, it’s happening. Ong-Bak: The...

Ong-Bak Pummels into Gaming

Oh, yes, it’s happening.  Ong-Bak: The Video Game has scissor-kicked its way into existence.

Based on the Muay Thai wielding action star Tony Jaa’s trilogy of films, Ong-Bak’s video game incarnation will drop sometime this year under the direction of Thai developer Studio HIVE.  HIVE states it has a “deep understanding of the Ong-Bak brand values” (i.e. kicking people till they’re unable to hold the shit in their bowels) and says fans can expect an “inspiring martial arts action experience.”

The original Ong-Bak truly brings the thunder; well choreographed, a sturdy if simple narrative, and people eloquently eating fist and losing teeth throughout the entire run time.  The sequels anted up on the scope yet unfortunately missed the high note the first installment achieved.

I expect next to nothing from a movie licensed game (no offense, HIVE), but I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed if the awesomeness that is Ong-Bak fails to translate to even an adequate button masher.  The title has been announced as multiplatform without specific consoles mentioned.  As cool as it may be, I’d be surprised to see this branding muster a disc release (seriously, no offense, HIVE).

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