New Titanfall Gameplay Makes the Last Seven Years of FPS’s Look...

New Titanfall Gameplay Makes the Last Seven Years of FPS’s Look Tame

If your address places you snugly beneath a rock, I can understand your confusion as to why the term ’Titanfall’ has the gaming populace shitting mech proportioned bricks. Watching all ten minutes of this video will bring you right up to speed and have you shitting bricks with the best of ‘em.

This footage makes the countless matches of Call of Duty and Halo I’ve waged over the last seven years look about as exciting as your dentist’s just-as-old magazine collection (featuring choice issues of Dentistry Today and the People that covered Brad and Jennifer’s separation). Watching the player above jet up to building’s side, kick off, and finally land on a rooftop before spraying bullets into the opposition from his split-second vantage point is what I’ve been craving – yearning – from next-gen.

There is much hype keeping this game afloat. But this is shaping up to be one of those rare, miraculous moments in video games where the hype is, dare I utter it, well deserved. March 11th, Xbox One and PC people. March 11th.

Not soon enough? I like you. Register for the Titanfall beta here. Beta opens Friday, final invites will be doled out by Feb. 17th.

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