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While I don’t support the idiocy of individuals, nor the companies who hire them without checking out internal fiascoes before they become public, I do support good products.  Many of you have heard about the douchebaggery of a certain ex-employee of Ocean Marketing, Paul Christoforo.  Many of you have lashed out against said individual and the company itself.  Also, you’ve lashed out against the product.

Note : I do not work for Ocean Marketing, iControl Enterprises or any other company who has any stake and claim in the Avenger Controller.  But I am asking that you guys consider giving this product back it’s four and a half star rating.  Now, this is the thing I have a problem with. 

The backlash on the Avenger Controller is a result of rage-trolling.  It has the capabilities of becoming a great product for the handicapable and people with disabilities.  It can enable many kids who wouldn’t have been able to play games before to be able to now.  And honestly, as a gamer, I can’t think of any better joy.

The only reasoning I can even think of behind making the product bomb is if you can make a controller similar to compete with this company.  Even then, I don’t know that I condone it.

Before you destroy this product, please do your research.  It seems that this whole situation is just because of poor management, bad PR against a single individual [not a whole company] and anger.  And it has pretty much been resolved.  Why punish the masses for the mistakes of one guy?

Will you guys be sure to give a better review on Amazon?  Links to them here, here and here.  I would hate to think that the world was still a sucky place because of jerks like Christoforo.

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