Mass Effect 3 Demo: Multiplayer Done Calibrating, Open to the...

Mass Effect 3 Demo: Multiplayer Done Calibrating, Open to the Masses

That’s right, folks.  Your ME3 demo came with a way more substantial portent of the upcoming sci-fi epic than just a mere glimpse at the story: it came with multiplayer.  And what’s the verdict?  It’s pretty fucking amazing.

Taking the tried and true Horde Mode propagated by Gears, ME3’s four man co-op bout pits you and your team against the universe.  The online demo allows you to stat build (following an unlock system that mirrors the campaign’s), assign weapons, swap classes, gain new races to play as, and even switch a few color palettes.  The most addictive part – besides scoring headshots when your enemy is floating in the air – is that once you start unlocking abilities and upgrades, you can feel a noticeable difference in your avatar’s power and combat prowess.  This is a marked shift away from the “everyone-the-same” balancing found in other online shooters.  Thank you, co-op.

I’m gonna break your heart, though; no, none of your unlocks from the demo will carry to the main game.  That’s not going to stop you from playing it hours on…I can’t care enough to finish the sentence, I’m just gonna go play.

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