March Houses Three Trips to Hell As Konami Announces Silent Hill Release Dates

Earlier in the week, Konami promised ETA’s for all three Silent Hill games planned for 2012 and they’ve made good.  I figured the publisher would’ve wanted to spread their best-selling horror franchise out among the proceeding months, but they seem to think cramming all three titles into one month is acceptable.  Goddamn them for knowing what I want.

  • Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3, Xbox 360) - March 6th

Classic hellish scares with a polished HD makeover.  The package collects Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 (purists beware, the HD re-versions include completely new voice-overs).

  • Silent Hill: Downpour (PS3, Xbox 360) - March 13th

A brand new downward spiral into hell featuring the twisted machinations of a prison convict.  The heavy emphasis on combat is offset by new additions to the series like knocking off side quests.  Like Homecoming before it, we have an entirely new development team (the mostly unproven Vatra Games) guiding our stay in town.

  • Silent Hill: Book of Memories (PS Vita) - March 27th

The Book of Memories contains your entire life within its pages.  Things take a turn for the insane when you discover rewriting passages in the book actually change the past.  One of the more compelling titles slated for the Vita, Silent Hill’s next handheld outing is the first to feature multiplayer.  Fear in numbers, so to speak.

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