Jet Set Radio HD (PSN/XBLA) Guess who’s back? N-no…not Aggressive...

Jet Set Radio HD (PSN/XBLA)

Guess who’s back?  N-no…not Aggressive Inline.  That was really at the forefront of your mind?  Jet Set was a Sega game, cult hit…  Yeah, it was on the Dreamcast… How the hell do you not know what a Dreamcast is?  Jesus Christ, we have a lot to go over but just let me finish this thing.

Sega has projected a Summer release for Jet Set Radio HD, public-menacing your console’s online marketplace with a shiny, Hi-Def veneer.  To promote the re-release, Sega is taking art submissions that are to be featured as graffiti in the upcoming game and will net the lucky winner a Jet Set flavored prize package.  Enter the contest hereabouts.

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