In recent light of The Darkness II, there are a lot of comic franchises that would work well as...

Q: In recent light of The Darkness II, there are a lot of comic franchises that would work well as other mediums of entertainment. Imagine yourself a video game developer, what comic title would you translate to a video game title; that hadn't been approached before?

If I had to imagine myself as a video game developer, I would be a Japanese hipster with red-dyed hair and I’d be working on a sequel to Pokemon Snap using the Wii U’s tablet controller.  I can’t really figure any other worthwhile use for the damned thing.

If I couldn’t live out that dream, and had to go for the comic adaptation, I would love to play as the real, British John Constantine from the Hellblazer comics.  I’ve always thought that if theater-goers got an undiluted blast of John’s characterization from the rags, there would’ve been call for sequels.  Constantine manages to destroy the lives of everyone he touches (even if he meant to help), and being thrust into unique situations where there isn’t a “good” or “bad” choice, just “worse” and “bloody worser,” would be such an interesting dynamic for me to play.  Plus, the modern-day struggle between Hell and Heaven and the miserable people in between is a perfect staging ground for a game.

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman universe would also be somewhere I’d want a video game to visit.  I don’t necessarily need or want to play as Dream (or any of his brothers and sisters), but I can imagine a compelling game can be derived from the material – the series hops across all sorts of time periods and planes of existence rife for exploration.

And, just for the sake of wish fulfillment, I’d love to see someone tackle a true-blooded Preacher game.  The comic may not seem to serve the medium, but keep in mind most issues end in some sort of shoot-out or brawl.  Plus, utilizing the Voice of God against enemies could open some perturbingly fun results.

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