geekpride: Sega Dreamcast Concept revival by Elie Ahovi The Idea:...


The Idea: The insight of the project was really to take the best of the 90’s Dreamcast and then re-interpret it to make a new game console inspired by the old one. That’s why, work on the controllers (smart phones/tablets are used as the controllers) and a new multiplayer experience was obvious!

On the name Dreamcast Delta: Delta means 4 in greek. I wanted the name and the shape to be closely link in order to have a heavy impact on the market. 4 also means go further than the market. Nowadays, the names are around the number 3 (PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo “Wii” 3 letters…)  

Note: This is a fan made design concept and has no affiliation with Sega nor will it be made into a working console. 

(via gamefreaksnz)

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