First Screens for Telltale’s The Walking Dead Crop Up Like...

First Screens for Telltale’s The Walking Dead Crop Up Like Roamers on the Horizon

With a hit television show on the air that can’t seem to go unmentioned whenever talking about Kirkman’s comic (see?  It happened just then), it was only a matter of time (read: licensing) before The Walking Dead shambled into our video games.  Licensing go-to’s and pioneers of the adventure game genre, Telltale is bringing zombie fans their virtual take on the comic series later this year for PC, PSN, and XBLA.

This makes me nervous.  My apprehension doesn’t stem from my attachment to the written material (you can keep your AMC show, the real hits are to be found on page, not on screen).  My apprehension comes from suffering through Telltale’s piss poor adaptation of Jurassic Park.  Telltale managed to tarnish my childhood film and sell me a horrendously shitty game in one fell swoop.  No small feat.

Does their complete failure of an attempt at producing something that barely touches ‘mediocre’ mean they can’t make a good Walking Dead game?  Everything in my body says, “Yes."  I’m seeing things I like, though; art direction is solid, they’re launching cool support webisodes, and the dude that wrote the script for The Book of Eli is story consulting.  But…still.  The developer has already proven injecting their rigid adventure formula to every title they make doesn’t always work (especially for established franchises).  The question now is, will it work when injected into The Walking Dead?

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