‘Doomsday’ Meets Dub-Step in New Borderlands 2 Trailer Good...

‘Doomsday’ Meets Dub-Step in New Borderlands 2 Trailer

Good goddamn, I love me some Borderlands.  Gearbox has set forth an outrageously amazing trailer brimming full of awesome spectacle.  Plus, there’s dub-step which, by the end of 2012, will be against the law to not feature in every trailer.  If you hear a trailer’s music go more than thirty-seconds without staggering, skipping, or looping, say a prayer for the poor son of a bitch that’s going to spend the rest of his advertising career behind bars.

Gearbox has been kicking around the gaming scene for years now, but they put themselves on the virtual map with Borderlands – a game that seamlessly wove RPG looting, FPS action, and co-op into one little ball of addictive open-world action.  Where Borderlands was sparse (the story was spread pretty thin amongst blocks of text), I hope the sequel manages to pick up the slack.

The trailer promises infinitely more weapons and loot to horde, and bigger, meaner things to pump lead into –  as well as the triumphant return of our good pal Claptrap – and if that’s all Borderlands 2 musters to deliver on then, well, I’m still pretty content.

Loot, shoot, and tolerate Claptrap’s crap come September 18th on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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