Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (PC/PS3/PS Vita) Landing in March,...

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (PC/PS3/PS Vita)

Landing in March, the first of supposedly several titles set in Doctor Who’s universe sees Matt Smith continue his tenure as the 11th version of the Lonely God in a downloadable co-op actioner featuring the infamous River Song.  Releasing through PSN, owners of the freshly streeted Vita get to enjoy the first game on the system to harness the power of Epic’s Unreal Engine 3.  Find the co-op trailer hereabouts.

I can get behind downloadable Who.  The episodic formula has worked for the Doctor for a few decades and a series of smaller, focused games can compliment that well.  Now, would I prefer to see the 10th Doctor, my favorite Doctor, grace my favorite medium?  Well…yeah.  A thousand times yeah.  But, you see, I’ve learned time isn’t linear.  My perception of it is.  Just in the same way that Matt Smith isn’t a bad Doctor.  Just my perception of him is.  So…You know, there was a point here, but it’s dawning on me that it’s probably just to say I don’t like Matt Smith.

I love Doctor Who, I love video games, let’s just call that the best positive spin I can squeeze out and carry on.

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