Currently playing Wolfenstein (2009). It’s a quaint tale about...

Currently playing Wolfenstein (2009).  It’s a quaint tale about English fluent Nazis harnessing the supernatural in a bid at enslaving the free world as we know it.  Only one man can stop them, leaving it up to secret agent B.J. Blazkowicz to thwart the Third Reich by having absolutely the worst fucking name ever.

The story is drunk-dial stupid, the gameplay riffs on Bioshock, the Veil gimmick is fun but sullied by a disorienting color scheme, and the graphics are pretty sore on the eyes from time to time.  But it’s not terrible, no.  For as much as it gets wrong, it does first-person shooting right, and the game isn’t so schlocky to keep me from working my way to the end.  I’m just waiting for a Wolfenstein with more bite.

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