Currently playing Skyrim. Getting down to brass tacks, I was...

Currently playing Skyrim.

Getting down to brass tacks, I was honestly far from a fan of Bethesda’s previous games.  There was one element or another ripping me right out of the immersion of their worlds from outing to outing.  Be it terrible character models, sluggish pacing, too heavy of a bent towards item management, or one voice actor serving as two hundred different NPCs, I could never bring myself to bear through the entirety of any one of the developer’s titles.

But motherfucking Skyrim…There’s something just shy of revelatory shimmering under this beast’s surface.  It’s a tight, addictive affair that finally has me immersed in one of my least favorite genres.  Every mechanic and concept that Bethesda has been trying to sell me on since Morrowind has been fine tuned sharply so as to make the whole of the experience leagues above 2011’s heavy contenders.

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you beat, friend.  Everyone can agree gleeful dragon murder is high art.

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