Clock Tower Flick Rises From Development Hell

Clock Tower has graced the belly of development hell for six long years now with multiple directors attached.  Despite being hot potatoed across Hollywood, the survival horror adaptation hasn’t found traction until now.

David R. Ellis, the man behind such perennial classics as Final Destination 2, Snakes on a Motherfuckin’ Plane, and Shark Night 3D, has queued Clock Tower to his list of works in progress (which Bloody Disgusting pegs as up to nine different film projects).

I wish I had more encouraging comments from Ellis besides him deeming the plot “cool” but I’m short on those.  If you scope out the link, Ellis sums up the supernatural, possession oriented story being used for the film and mentions he thinks the script is solid, good fun.  I’d prefer to tell you that the director is a man on a mission to deliver the best Clock Tower his vision can muster and that he’s dedicated to appease longtime fans and all that jazz but I have a feeling the property was shoved his way just so someone, anyone really, could get it moving again.

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