Check Out an Extended Teaser of the Initial Teaser That Teased...

Check Out an Extended Teaser of the Initial Teaser That Teased The Amazing Spider-Man Game!

From experience, gamers have a tendency to ignore movie tie-in’s.  With good reason: the greatest examples of half-assed design, stupid plotting, and erroneous gameplay can be found in movie games.

But The Amazing Spider-Man’s saving grace is developer Beenox, the folks that brought us the sublimely crafted Shattered Dimensions.  Last year’s humdrum Spidey entry and successor to Dimensions, Edge of Time, is sure to cast doubt the dev’s way.  But a long, healthy development cycle, a return to open-world level design, and what appears to be a new take on Spider-Slayers (shit yes!) beams a ray of hope on the project.

I almost wish Beenox’s game gets hit by a delay – I’d rather have a great game later than a lukewarm game just in time for the movie’s July 3rd release date.  Look for the webslinger on your PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 (Nintendo’s systems will probably get a different – hopefully not watered down – version of the game for the DS, 3DS, and Wii).

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