Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC/PS3/Wii U/360 - Fall 2012) And...

Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC/PS3/Wii U/360 - Fall 2012)

And here’s where the rest of my free time will go to die.  Gearbox recently pulled back part of the curtain shrouding Colonial Marines’ competitive multiplayer which pits xenomorph against marines, players able to control both sides.  So far, the versus is familiar ground for fans that recall Aliens versus Predator for the PC.  If not, you need look no further than the fairly recent Left 4 Dead, which the developer admits to as choice inspiration for this game.

But these comparisons are just a way of feeling our way through the dark.  Colonial Marines will reveal its distinguishing assets the moment our trigger finger lays waste to Gearbox’s horrifically – and awesomely – realized monsters.  There’s still a lot of solid information lurking in the shadows when it comes to this game, especially regarding multiplayer modes beyond death match, so expect to hear more during the agonizing wait until Fall.

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