Alan Wake's Night Springs Not 'Alan Wake 2' But Actually Just Alan Wake's Night Springs

Apparently the claim that Alan Wake’s Night Springs is a full fledged successor to Remedy’s 2010 original (albeit in downloadable form) has been greatly exaggerated.

Taking a break from organizing the VGA’s, Geoff Keighley gabbed on with Major Nelson about Night Spring’s debut trailer set to be revealed at the televised event.  Keighley mentions in the podcast that despite the title being slated for an Xbox Live Arcade release, it is by no means “a small game” and Remedy is utilizing “really ambitious, beautiful technology."  But while waxing on about Wake’s second venture, Geoff throws a compliment that has since been taken a little too literally :

I mean, it effectively is, I think, Alan Wake 2 when you really look at it and look what they’re doing with that game.

While slight – and totally meant to hype up the scope of Night Springs – one of Remedy’s employees, Mikko Rautalahti, found it cause enough to go on the record and say, "This new game is not Alan Wake 2,” and if it were indeed AW2, “we’d have named it that."  Everyone follow?  Alan Wake’s Night Springs is not Alan Wake 2 but, as it turns out, Alan Wake’s Night Springs.  I’m glad we’re clear on that.

Mr. Wake’s first outing was ambitious but certainly not beautiful.  Wonky mechanics and dated graphics would hang in your face from time to time thanks to Wake’s long brewing development cycle (which sometimes makes a game feel behind the times right out of the box).  The game made up for those blemishes in story and sticking proudly by its literary driven, Stephen King-caught-in-Twin Peaks conceits.  Any continuation – numbered or not – is welcome.

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